crusher wear parts is an industry leader in supplying the best jaw liner parts for a specific application. we offer oem as well as specialty configurations. we have decades of experience in supplying wear parts to the aggregate and mining industries. we conduct wear studies to evaluate which jaw liner configuration will perform best for your application. if the best configuration is not currently available, we will design one. modifications available for jaw crusher dies include: tooth pitch/height – this can be modified to reduce chamber opening, increase breaking action, and surface area. tooth type – many tooth profiles such as round, high round, flat, or sharp can be selected depending on the application. curve – curve may be added to allow crushing to start higher in the chamber and also to improve the nip angle lower in the chamber. filled in ends – ends can be filled in to combat the high wear area at the bottom of the stationary liner allowing liners to wear at the same rate.

3d走势振幅图带连线crusher wear parts not only supplies wear parts but offers jaw liner accessories including: cheek plates, movable wedges, stationary wedges, toggle plates, and toggle seats.